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Pilot Hole Bit is a drill bit supplier that provides TRANSCO Reamers, new and rebuilt bits to the Oil and Gas, HDD, Geothermal, Geo-technical, and Waterwell Industries. We supply high quality Tri-Cone and PDC drill bits.  Based in the South, we are able to ship to every part of the United States and to any International location.
With a variety of quality bits, we offer expertise in bit selection so you will have the best chance for drilling success. Check out the gallery for a variety of our offerings of PDC, Mill-Tooth, TCI bits along with TRANSCO reamers.
Pilot Hole Bit Service LLC is a company that supplies drill bits used in the oil industry. It is based in the city of Lafayette in southern Louisiana.​

The Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary provides the following description for a drill bit: "It is the tool that is used to cut through rocks or rocky surfaces. The drill bit is attached to the tip of the drillstring."

Oil industry resource site Rigzone further explains, "The drill bit is a rotating apparatus. It is usually made up of two or three cones made of the hardest of materials such as steel and tungsten carbide." Some drill bits are even made of synthetic or natural diamonds. These drill bits have and sharp teeth that cut through rock and various sediments.

The drill bit is a crucial component in rotary drilling. It is reportedly the most popular choice for drilling for oil and gas.

To sum up, the essential components of rotary drilling include the following: 

Drill Bit - This is the one that comes into contact with the rock or sediment. It breaks through the surface.

Drill Collar - These are steel tubes drilled from end to end. The drilling fluids pass through it.
Drilling Fluid - This is a substance which acts as a lubricant for the drill parts. It facilitates the drilling of boreholes into the earth's surface.

Rotating Equipment - This is the mechanism that sets the whole drilling system in motion.

Hoisting Apparatus - This lifts the drill pipe into or out of the oil well.

Prime Mover - This is the power source.

Pilot Hole Bit Service is known for carrying high quality Tri-Cone and polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bits. 

Tri-Cone bits have several variants which are meant for different surfaces. Meanwhile, the PDC drill bits have synthetic diamonds attached to the carbide inserts and are 40 to 50 times stronger than bits made of steel.

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