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Pilot Hole Bit Service LLC is a supplier of drill bits and TRANSCO reamers that are used in the HDD industry. Established in 1999 and based in Lafayette, Louisiana, it has established itself as a dependable company that goes out of its way to give its customers what they need.

The term "pilot hole" refers to the initial small hole drilled into a surface to serve as a marker or guide for a larger drill. The pilot hole ensures that the larger drill will be used in the right location. 

Indeed, Pilot Hole Bit Service ensures that everything is done right - and it all starts with identifying the exact spot to drill into.
Jim Roy, the founder of Pilot Hole Bit Service, has decades worth of experience in the oil industry. He has been working in it since 1972. He enjoys interacting with people and cultivating relationships with his customers.

Pilot Hole Bit Service has customers in Canada, US, and South America. The company is also capable of shipping their products to any International location.

Pilot Hole Bit Service meets the demand for both new and rebuilt drill bits for the oil and gas, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), geothermal, geotechnical, and water well industries.

Pilot Hole Bit Service has consistently gotten great reviews from its customers for the following reasons:

Top Grade Products - Pilot Hole Bit Service makes sure that every client gets high-quality materials.

Expert Guidance - Customers of Pilot Hole Bit Service have commended its staff for their comprehensive knowledge of their products. They are all aligned and clued in.

Customer Service - Pilot Hole Bit Service takes customer feedback seriously. They ensure that their clients are getting the drill bits that are most suitable for their drilling.​​
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